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Forging Xreality™ since the dawn of cyberspace!


Saxon Digital is a transnational sole proprietorship founded in 1995, Santa Cruz, California, USA.

If you face a challenge that appears to have no known solution, then we may be able to help.

End-to-End services from people that know how to get the job done.

Hardware that is built rock-solid for live operations and years of continous service.

System integration with custom elements to make everything play well together.

We are adept at discovering unique techniques to solve the worlds most difficult problems. With 24/7 onsite Hollywood level service, deployment, custom manufacturing and R&D. Team expertise ranges from deep data to hyper-spectral imaging & projection.

Tech-n-code for Entertainment, Government, Healthcare, Research, Commercial & BFSI.

Our primary R&D facilities are private labs and hacker-spaces, we also utilize national laboratories in the US, EU & Japan. Manufacturing partner facilities are located in North America, EU and Asia. With on-site teams that are capable of short-cycle single one-off prototypes that can be readily mass produced.

Global security is handled through our trusted partners network, with asset protection strategies appropriate for any domain. We have suitable credentials to serve Hollywood, Government and meet Health compliance in the EU & USA.

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Improving the symbiotic relationship between human beings and analytical engines.


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