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ANTz - Interactive realtime 3D Data Visualization tool for understanding complex systems. Think of it as 'spreadsheet meets cyberspace.' An immersive multi-dimensional spatially based environment for realtime analysis and decision making. Based on the NPE it is capable of combining stored data with live sources for time sensitive situations. It is good for finding the proverbial 'needle in the haystack.' The visual environment enables a more efficient mechanism for identifying patterns and relationships. Data fields are mapped to parameters such as geometry, transparency, velocity and position. Spatial cues based on shape, color, size and texture enable the user to identify key patterns. The ultimate goal is to close the cognitive loop between users and powerful logic engines known as computers. The project is Public Domain open source hosted at: openANTz.com

Laser Tweezers - Host GUI is a machine control system for the miniTweezers instrument. A type of Optical Trap Microscope used for direct manipulation of DNA and other long molecules. Easily modified for other machine control applications and is capable of sub-millesecond physics feedback. Public Domain open source hosted at: TweezersLAB.unipr.it

NPE - public domain project to build the first Neuralphysics Engine. Initial objective is to create a cross-platform library for physics simulation, machine control and interactive multi-user environments. Organized using a Neural Network topology with node interactions governed by known and theoretical laws of physics. The NPE core is capable of realtime simulation of n-body systems such as implemented in the ANTz project. Neuralphysics.org

ZoneShift - Realtime 3D system for mixed reality environments aimed at Entertainment, Education and Commercial applications. Based on the NPE core it delviers ultra-low latency real-world interactions using haptic systems, video and 3D data. May be implemented using custom hardware and/or off-the-shelf devices for live events, installations and research. (Planned Project)

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